Tricia Croasdell is the newly appointed World Animal Protection CEO

Meet our new Global Chief Executive Officer, Tricia Croasdell.



Get to know Tricia Croasdell, the new Global CEO of World Animal Protection, starting June 2024.

We are welcoming a vibrant new era with the appointment of Tricia Croasdell as our new Global CEO. Tricia brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to the table, setting the stage for impactful change in the world of animal welfare.

Tricia’s journey to the helm of World Animal Protection is marked by a steadfast commitment to animal advocacy. As the current UK Country Director, she has invigorated fundraising efforts and already demonstrated her ability to lead successful campaigns and drive positive outcomes for animals worldwide.

Strategic Leadership

Tricia held pivotal roles with global organisations including WWF, where she orchestrated global initiatives for institutional funding. Her career also includes stints at 10 Downing Street and as Director of Communications for HM The Queen’s Commonwealth Summit, where she honed her skills in driving impactful policy and communication strategies on a global scale.

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Collective Action

Tricia’s roots in South Africa have deeply shaped her belief in the power of collective action, she shares:

Growing up in South Africa, I have seen how people, through collective action, can change the world. I know that by working together, with our supporters and activists globally, we will transform the lives of animals, while also benefiting people and the planet.


The Future of World Animal Protection

Steve's impactful decade-long stewardship has set the stage for Tricia to continue championing animal welfare as a pressing global concern.

Her appointment as the first female CEO of World Animal Protection symbolises a stride forward in ensuring that everyone's perspective is valued in the ongoing battle for animal rights.

Beyond her professional achievements, Tricia’s home is in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, where she lives with her partner, Dawn, and their cherished dogs: George and Harris.🧡

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