Do you think that I'm thinking?

Science has proven that pigs are social creatures with intricate minds, shining brightly as some of Earth's most intelligent beings.

We are as intelligent and trainable as the smartest dog breeds and have our own unique and loveable personalities. Despite this, we're denied the empathy and compassion that dogs receive, and often endure a life in cages with little stimulation and without access to natural light.

Our babies don't get the chance to explore, forage or cuddle, and our short lives are consumed with fear and anguish. Over a billion of us endure hidden agony within factory farms across the globe.

It's not only wrong to treat us this way, but it also harms our shared planet. Industrial farming leaves scars on the environment, endangers human health, and upsets nature's harmony.

We may not have a voice, but through your choices, we can be heard.

Can we work together to create a world where animals are treated with kindness, respect, and compassion?

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a black chicken with big eyes looks at the camera
Pig behind a fence in Mexico - World Animal Protection - pig sentience
A cull dairy cow at auction
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