Captive tiger chained with clipped teeth in Thailand

Ending the commercial exploitation of wild animals


Billions of wild animals across the world are suffering devastating exploitation for commercial gain.

The right to a wild life

Here at World Animal Protection, we believe that animals in the wild should have the right to a wild life, and be protected from commercial exploitation and safeguarded from the governments and businesses that profit from animal cruelty.

We are working tirelessly to raise awareness of the deceptive tactics and activities of organisations that profit from the commercial exploitation of wild animals.

Together we can drive down consumer demand and expose the lies of businesses that profit from cruelty.

Discover our areas of work to stop the commercial exploitation of wildlife. Forever.

Skeletal baby elephant forced to perform at Phuket Zoo

Protecting wildlife in travel & tourism

Would a real responsible traveller have captive wildlife entertainment on their wish list?

Snake with medicine

Traditional medicine

Discover how we are changing the system that enables the exploitation of wild animals for use in traditional medicine

Captive juvanile lions enclosed for breeding

Wildlife Farming

Find out why wild animals are bred commercially and learn how you can take action to stop this cruel exploitation.

Exposing commercial exploitation of wild animals

World Animal Protection is dedicated to protecting the lives of precious animals in the wild from commercial exploitation. Forever. How?

By working tirelessly to make wildlife exploitation an unviable option. We achieve this by working towards:

  • Ending the commercial exploitation of wild animals for profit
  • Campaigning to raise awareness of commercial exploitation and end animal cruelty
  • Moving the tourism industry away from heartless wildlife entertainment
  • Ending the exploitation of wild animals and their use in traditional medicine
  • Implementing rescue missions to safeguard animals from commercial cruelty
  • Exposing the devastating harm that businesses and governments are having on wildlife and their habitats
  • Delivering initiatives to care for and protect wild animals
  • Ensuring the habitats of wild animals are legally protected

We are on a mission to give wildlife their right to a wild life, completely free of exploitation for cruel commercial gain.

Animals in the wild must be protected from cruel commercial exploitation. They must feel safe, free and secure, and absolutely not exploited for profit.

Are you ready to take action?

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