Mid-pandemic, peaceful protest, Downing Street, London

New deal


We believe it’s about time wild animals receive a new deal…for good

Here at World Animal Protection, we are demanding that wild animals should have the right to a wild life – with more stringent laws and policies in place to truly protect animals in the wild. We must safeguard wild animals from unbearable suffering and cruelty. For good.

Working alongside our like-minded global support network, we campaign to raise awareness of the cruel policies and practices taking place to generate public opposition to this unbearable activity.

Wild animals deserve a new deal. Permanently.

True protection of wildlife and their habitats

World Animal Protection is the only animal welfare NGO awarded the United Nation’s general consultative status, cementing our standing as the leading authority on animal welfare.

We are dedicated to disrupting governments, industries and individuals that exploit wild animals and work tirelessly to introduce more laws and policies to protect wildlife and their natural habitats.

We demand a new deal for wildlife and achieve this by working towards:

  • Pushing for the strongest, most effective protection for individual animals and their natural habitats
  • Delivering campaigns to help safeguard wild animals and their habitats and introduce more laws and policies
  • Introducing innovative solutions to offer businesses a way out of wildlife exploitation
  • Changing the mindset of communities from dependency on wildlife exploitation to ambassadors for the protection of wildlife
  • Producing and distributing animals in the wild and animals in farming reports
  • Raising awareness, education and knowledge of animal cruelty and protection
  • Forming strategic alliances with like-minded supporters across the world
  • Engaging with local communities
  • Ending the commercial exploitation of wildlife
  • Moving the tourism industry away from heartless wildlife entertainment
  • Ending the exploitation of wild animals and their use in traditional medicine

Moving the world for us all

Our global influence is undisputed.

International organisations, corporations and governments respect the work we do to transform the lives of animals.

This gives us the credibility and influence to:

  • Open doors to key debates
  • Launch key campaigns for the protection of wild and farm animals, such as the G20 Campaign Workaround challenges
  • Bring about solutions that gradually and persistently change opinions and actions of the world’s most influential entities

By bringing influential bodies onside and on our journey towards the better treatment of farmed and wild animals, we move the world for us all.

Are you ready to take action?

Join our mission and change the way the world works through people's power. Take action today to demand a new deal for wildlife to stop animal cruelty and suffering. Forever.

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